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Services for Owners & Contractors
Construction Claims Consulting

We work with owners and small to medium-size construction companies to:

Collect Information | Monitor | Analyze | Gather/Write the Claim | Support Legal Action if Required

  Construction Payment Claims
Construction payment claims grow out of the basic conflict that contractor (or subcontractor) believes he is forced to execute his work in a manner that is different and more costly than he expected when the bargain between the parties was made.

At Construction Research, we hope to become involved early in the project and help to resolve claims and avoid litigation, through diligent and accurate documentation of the changes and impacts. It is always better, cheaper, and more efficient for all parties to negotiate a change order than process a claim.

Through our construction industry research activities, Construction Research is uniquely qualified to assist contractors in establishing entitlement and a remedy for labor and equipment related cost impacts; in particular, establishing a causal link between the alleged breach, and a loss or increase in cost of production.

We use multiple methods to calculate cost impacts including: scientific management models; project specific work process models; specific industry standards and studies: simulation; and cost based methods

Construction Research uses advanced methods and tools to provide an allocation of fault.
  Construction Defect Claims
The majority of the construction defect claims in the Pacific Northwest involve complex water intrusion and damage analysis.

Our construction defect service is distinguished from the “run-of-the-mill” construction expert firms in the way in which we use advanced operations research tools to provide an allocation of fault analysis.

Construction Research has partnered with the Civil Engineering Department at Portland State University to analyze complex forensic engineering problems such as concrete wall and structural steel connection failures.

Construction Research is uniquely qualified to assist contractors in establishing entitlement and a remedy for labor and equipment related cost impacts

  Third Party Neutral Service
Construction Research’s Dr. Williams has been a registered professional engineer for nearly 25 years and has worked in the engineering design and construction industry all of his life. He has taught Construction Contracts and Law, Construction Management, and Project Management in the Civil Engineering Department of Portland State University since 1995, and has served as a Third Party Neutral, or Arbitrator, on a variety of construction related disputes.

We have a professional engineering background of 25 years.

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